Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Mr Detail offers quality aftermarket Paint Protection that lasts for years, is higher performing and much more economical than those from car dealerships.

You can have your car treated with Nanolex, made in Germany Nanolex uses real nano-technology to create an intelligent molecular level which offers the ultimate performance.

Nanolex sealants are the latest technology long-term surface sealants for all automotive paints creating an extremely hard coating and delivering incredible shine to protect your paint from the harsh conditions.

Once professionally applied Nanolex will not only offer protection to your paint, but also make it easier to wash your car; dust and light dirt can simply be rinsed off, bugs are much easier to remove and after the final rinse water is repelled making it easier to dry your car to show off that incredible shine time after time.

No paint protection lasts a lifetime this is a myth, even if they have a so-called ‘warranty’ that says so, if anything was that fantastic why wouldn’t car manufacturers put it on in the factory! However Nanolex is exceptionally long lasting, when this latest technology paint sealant is applied professionally your car paint protection can last 3+ years with just carefully washing using a plain pH neutral car shampoo.

The cost of Nanolex is a fraction of the price of car dealerships and other ‘paint protections’ that are mostly of inferior performance and quality. Mr Detail cuts out the middle man and huge profits associated with Paint Protection from the car dealers, this saving is passed on to you directly – the customer.

Mr Detail is an Certified Gyeon Quartz Applicator and also approved Nanolex Detailer, and offers a full range of not only paint protection but sealants for your wheels, glass, leather, plastics and textiles – to protect all of your car.

Gyeon Certified Detailer - The Detailing Studio Brisbane Nanolex Approved Detailer

The superior quality German Leather and Fabric Protection offers peace of mind against spills and liquids, it also helps keep your leather in better condition for longer by forming a breathable barrier to help protect against dye-transfer from your cloths and other dirt and dust that marks it.

Surfaces sealed with Nanolex repel water, oil, dust and dirt, have antistatic characteristics and protect against chemical and biological damage. Thus protecting your investment – your car’s interior and exterior for longer, making it easier to clean and keeping those new-car looks.

Why not visit or talk to Mr Detail today about how he can protect your car; with unbeatable packages combining paint, glass, wheels and interior protection?

Paint Protection Pricing
Small/Medium cars from: $900
Large cars from: $1,200
4WD/MPV from $1,400
(Based on brand new car, with paint in perfect condition)

Leather and Fabric Protection Pricing
Small/Medium cars from: $150
Large cars from: $200
4WD/MPV from $250
(Based on brand new car, with interior in perfect condition)

Pricing for Glass Sealants (rain, dirt and oil repellency for clearer vision) and Rim Protection and Complete Car Protection Packages on request.


FAQ – Paint Protection

What is Paint Protection?

Real Paint Protection is applying a high technology coating to the paint of your car that will last for years rather than months, to help protect against the harsh Australian elements like sun, rain, trees etc. Paint Protection has received a bad name mostly from car dealerships that charge huge fees when you buy a new car, quality paint protection should not cost $2,000+ that is ridiculous.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer our personal promise that you will be delighted with the service and products. Quite frankly the ‘warranties’ that dealers and even some detailers offer is not worth the paper it is written on, just check out the terms and conditions that negate everything  We want you to be happy, (everyone has for over 4 years) so we tell you the truth and not just hot air about the product ‘lasting a lifetime, being harder than diamonds, protecting against earthquakes’ etc – you get the picture. We can however offer warranty on our paint protection*, please contact us for further details.

Does Paint Protection last a lifetime?

Nothing lasts a lifetime, so why would paint protection be any different. Our protection/sealants are developed in Germany and Japan by some of the most technologically driven companies. For example the best paint protection/coatings normally last about 3 years with regular washing – longer if you use the correct shampoos and really take care of your car. Just think; if these ‘last a lifetime products’ were actually available, would the car manufacturers not use them in the factories on the new cars they make?

Why are you much cheaper than a car dealership?

Yes we deliver a better quality paint protection than the car dealerships, but for only a fraction of the cost – simple we do not believe in charging exorbitant prices with huge profits and false promises. We offer you a personal service, using the very best products from Germany, the US, UK, Korea and Japan to give you the best results possible, with hundreds of happy customers so far, we must be doing something right!