Detailing Products

Detailing Products

Here at Mr Detail only the very best car detailing products are used to give you the very best results. Premium car care brands like Gyeon, Nanolex, Dodo Juice, Menzerna, Duragloss, Einszett and Swissvax offer the professional results, that we produce and these products are imported from Europe and the US.

A professional detailer requires professional equipment as well, and we have over $10,000 of the latest and best tools to be able to produce the best quality work. Not every car detailer has a $2,500 Defelsko Paint Thickness Gauge that can take up to 50 measurements per panel, to within 1 micron of accuracy – we do! And why does this matter; if you do not know how much and what type of paint you have to work with, expensive mistakes can be made – you should not allow anyone to polish your car’s paint that cannot tell you the thickness before starting. Not every car detailer has a selection of polishing machines worth up to $1,000 each from Festool and RUPES, combined with a selection of over 50 pads to ensure we can polish any car to perfection.

Combined with the very best car polishes from Menzerna, the best car wax from Dodo Juice and Swissvax, the latest nanotechnology car sealants from Nanolex and the very high quality glass & quartz coatings from Gyeon Quartz, Duragloss Ceramic – Mr Detail only uses the best car care for your car.

At Mr Detail we also stock and sell these brands to you; so that following your car’s detail, you can wash and care for it correctly to maintain those immaculate looks for months to come.

Please feel free to come in and see us for professional car care advice, quality service and expertise.