Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Car Detailing is a very broad term, at Mr Detail we try to offer a range of high quality car detailing services to achieve specific results for you.

Enhancement  Detail

This detail is for car lovers that are focused on their paint and exterior appearance.
Your car is probably in a fairly good condition already, but you are looking for a better finish to the paintwork to reveal a deeper gloss and shine. This detail is a light clean and vacuum on the inside, with the major work happening on the exterior. The paintwork is pre-foamed, carefully washed and then cleansed with clay to remove all contamination and reveal the true condition. A combination of selected high quality light and/or medium polishes are then used to refine imperfections and develop a new depth and gloss in the paint. After this a hand carnauba wax or durable paint sealant is applied to lock in the finish and offer ongoing protection. The Enhancement Detail is designed to remove light marks like holograms, buffer trails and light swirl marks, it will not remove deeper swirl marks, etchings from bird droppings, medium to heavy scratches or heavily oxidised paints – if your car is in this condition it will need Paint Correction.

Enhancement  Details start from $700 depending on the size and condition of the car.

All car detailing prices quoted are ‘from’ and based on a small/medium car, they include GST. For cars in a poor condition or in need of extra work charges will vary. Free evaluations and quotations are available in store.

Additional Services

In addition to our regular car detailing packages we offer some specialised services:

Overspray, Fallout and Paint Contamination

If your car has been caught in an accident and has contamination on the paint, we can offer a range of professional services to remove it safely. Whether it is overspray from a bodyshop, or house paint from the builders next door, or even cement or concrete on the exterior – we have the correct products and techniques to remove these types of paint contamination safely. To allow us to properly advise you, we need to inspect your car fully. At this time we can suggest the best course of action, provide a quotation and offer expertise on your car’s situation.

Wheel Repairs

If your car has some light scuffs or ‘gutter rash’ on one or more wheels then we can help out. For most modern wheels we can remove the offended marks, repair the area and refinish the wheel so you cannot even see where the damage was. Gutter rash is easy to do and can spoil even the best presented cars; for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel, Mr Detail can fix your existing wheels making them loo new again. The price for wheel repairs depends on the severity of the marks, size and type of rim, please contact us for further details and to discuss your needs.

Paint touch-ups and scratches

If your car’s appearance is spoilt by a scratch, chip or other paint blemish, then Mr Detail should be able to help. For minor touch ups to correct light scratches, small chips and marks we source the exact colour of your car’s paint and can properly prepare and repair an area, in some cases completely restoring the finish and reviving the overall appearance. The price for touch-ups and painting is dependent on the size and type of paint problem, and can only be quoted upon inspection, contact us now for further details.