About Us

About Us

Mr Detail was created and is run by Nikolas K. a perfectionist, and he cannot trust anyone else to detail a car with his care, skill or enthusiasm. As such, you can be assured of a personal service from Mr Detail, and an unrivaled standard of work. Would a regular ‘car detailer’ go to the effort of measuring your paintwork with an electronic paint depth gauge, before polishing it – most do not even own the equipment required. Would a regular ‘car detailer’ use the best products and machines from Germany, Japan and the USA to achieve the very best results on your car – most do not even know of these products, techniques or machines, they use cheap commercial products that offer short term shine rather than permanent professional results.

Mr Detail is not a regular ‘car detailer’ – the reality is that car detailing takes time and effort, most of our details will take at least 5-8 hours with some paint corrections lasting 3-4 days!

To say Nikolas is passionate about car detailing, paint protection and paintwork correction would be an understatement. After his early years of caring for his cars as an enthusiast and spending weekend after weekend waxing and polishing, he started learning about professional car care and auto paint technology whilst working in prestige bodyshops, over 15 years ago now. After many training courses, and networking with others in the world of car detailing he decided to open his own business to deliver the results he always wanted to achieve.

So when you call or visit Mr Detail there are no secretaries, or sales people – you talk to Nikolas, who will offer expert, honest advice on your car.